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If writing isn't in your wheelhouse, it can be overwhelming to figure out where and how to start. If you know your site needs an overhaul or if you have content that you'd like to reach your audience in the form of blog posts or emails, I can help.

Website Copywriting

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Update your website's copy with compelling CTA's and copy that is in line with your brand and your business. Speaks directly to your target market and give them content they actually want to read. Whether you're looking for punchy one-liners or catchy product descriptions that don't sound like your great-grandfather wrote them, I can help.

Content Creation

I've had a blog for as long as I can remember and know how competitive and exhausting the rat race can be. If you're looking to generate traffic to your website, increase sales, and get leads, I can help. I write competitive SEO-driven content in your unique brand voice so you can spend more time doing things that will propel your business forward.

Recent Published Work:


AeroPress coffee makers are portable, convenient and easy-to-use. Think of it as an espresso maker, drip coffee maker, and French press, all rolled into one! I worked with a local agency to help AeroPress with their copy, specifically on their The Science & Art of Great Coffee page.

Feed My Friends Mockup
Feed My Friends

Feed My Friends' goal is to help hosts throw more meaningful dinner parties. By focusing on what goes on around the table instead of what goes on top, hosts can feel confident about throwing memorable gatherings that are affordable and stress-free. I am responsible for all content on this site - from blog posts to email sign-up forms. Get an idea for my style of writing by reading a recent post here: The 2-Hour Cocktail Party

Deco De Mode Website Mockup
Deco De Mode

Deco De Mode is Victoria’s destination for beauty and self-care. I worked with local agency Shopwell to help streamline their website copy and add a fun and professional tone representative of their brand. I was responsible for all website copy on this refresh project and handled everything from keyword research to industry analysis. Take a look: